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College Edition: What To Expect Your First Semester Of College

Whether you are diving right into a four year college or starting out at a two year college, here are a few things you should expect your first semester of college. I am heading into my final year of college this next week and I couldn't be more excited for that. These past five years (yes, five years) have taught me a lot and I have met so many really great people along the way. So without further ado, here are some things that these past years have taught me that may help you out as you start this adventure.

  1. Before the first day of classes make sure you go and find where all of your classes are, because nothing is worse than running around frantically trying to find where your next class is and then walking in late. (Been there, done that). You better believe the following semester I hunted down my classes before hand. Soon enough you will figure out where everything and this will become less of a necessity later on. 
  2. There are a ton of new things happening now that you are in college. This is most likely your first time away on your own and off without your high school bff. As scary as this may seem, take it and turn it into something awesome. Join clubs that have to do with your interests, rush a sorority, try out for a club sport, and participate in those silly events your residence hall puts on. These guys are just starting out also and will most likely be some of your greatest friends once you graduate. 
  3. Ahh the "freshman fifteen". It is only a real thing if you let it be. Find your gym on campus and make sure you fit it into your schedule somewhere. It is paid for by your tuition. Other than the gym, you will be temped by the delicious options that your meal plan and dinning hall have to offer. Not to mention all the parties you will attend with endless booze (sorry mom). Those calories will add up if you don't pay attention. I think this is an overrated concept so don't worry to much about it. Just make sure you are being conscious of what you are eating and how much you are exercising if you don't want the freshmen fifteen to be a thing. 
  4. Are you commuting to school and right about now you are freaking out about how you are going to make friends since you aren't going to be in the dorms like the rest of your friends? Don't worry. I was that person. I turned out fine. Like I stated in #2, join clubs and try out for a sports. It may be a little bit more work because things on campus aren't as accessible if you are commuting, but it is still possible. There is normally events the first week of school that are advertised all over the place. Look out for those and make time to attend. It will be worth it in the end. 
  5. Your first semester, make sure you find out where the important resources you will need are. For instance, find the Starbucks or coffee shop on campus. You will need it. The library will be your best friend when you need somewhere to study. Sure you can probably find that easy enough, but make sure you walk around and stake out a spot that you enjoy studying at. Some levels of the library are quiet zones and others are for group work. Just find your place, grab a coffee and a snack and hunker down. Find your advisors on campus, they will save your life when you have questions about what classes you need to be taking. Also, find out where your professors offices are located. You'll want to know where they are when you don't know how to figure out problem number 23 on your third homework assignment. 
  6. Lastly, this is not like high school anymore. A ton of responsibility just landed in your lap, but you got this. Enjoy these next four years. Like the saying goes, work hard party harder. Nail those courses, be the life of the party, start a club, and join the team. Each person writes their own story just remember it is what you make of it. Welcome to college life. 

I hope these tips help guide you in the right direction as you navigate your first semester. This can't possibly be all the information out there and so you will learn a lot as you go. Stay tuned for some upcoming College Edition posts on supplies you'll want to have, some style & beauty tips and tricks, and how to find balance in this crazy new life. 

Are you a first time freshman? Did you find these tips helpful? Have anymore questions for me? Drop them in the comments or you can find my email here.

Have a great week!

XO, Destinee Nicole

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  1. I can imagine this post being so helpful for freshmen! I kinda miss college days!


    Tamara -

  2. These are awesome tips. I wish I knew all these before I started college. I did not find the location of my classes beforehand, so I did end up panicking and running around the campus like a crazy person haha. Great job on this post! :)


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