Friday, January 22, 2016

Hair Help!

Hey everyone! So here is something a little different. I grabbed some hairspiration (hair-inspiration :p) off of pinterest or instagram. I have had long dirty blonde hair basically my whole life, so I thought it was time for some change! I was thinking of doing more of a balayage, while lightening the blonder part of my hair. I was also thinking it was time to bob or lob it. Luckily, my hair grows pretty fast, so if I was to hate it I could at least grow it out pretty fast! Drop your thoughts in the comments below! Chop it? Color it? Bright pink maybe, let me know (;  I am really digging the length in the first photo and the color in the the last photo (aka Cara Loren).

XO, Destinee Nicole


  1. I love your hair! But I totally know what it is like to have that need to change it! I would totally chop it! Bobs are so trendy right now especially with the messy curls I love that look! Going super blonde with some pink would be totally cute too! Go big girl! Hope you have a great weekend, sending love!

  2. Have fun changing it!!! Looks like you've got a lot of good options to start with!

    I just followed you on Instagram... I hope you follow me, too! :o)

    All the Cute
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  3. All of the looks are so pretty! You have a lovely blog!

    Lots of love

  4. oh gosh, I never know what to do with my hair. Always have so many things in mind to try but in the end I'm never brave enough and stick with my long brown boring hair but hey, it suits me quite well so may I will stay with it forever ahahah =D


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